About us

The idea of Enchanté began with our desire to bring specialty coffee and a proper French experience to the traditional Finnish coffee culture.


It all started in the summer of 2020 after catching up with a friend from France. He familiarized us with a family-owned coffee production company, De la Sierra, who is a responsible producer and an owner of a 40-Hectare coffee plantation in El Salvador. The plantations are managed by their family living in Central America, and the green grains are processed and marketed by their family in France. De la Sierra is one of the rare brands to master the entire manufacturing process of its products by themselves. 


What started as catching up with a friend, seems to have been a fortuity waiting to happen: we are an official partner of De la Sierra in the Nordics. We had a chance to choose the perfect coffees from De la Sierra's collection with our very own roasting profile suitable for Nordic taste. Coffee connects people and different cultures and our goal is to enhance the experience with our high-quality products. They taste even better when shared


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